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Explore the most popular titles, analyze platform and studio shares, identify the country of origin, and content types among top titles. This dashboard provides a comprehensive view of what’s captivating audiences, offering insights into current entertainment preferences and market dynamics.

In-Depth Title Comparisons

Compare specific titles with detailed metrics. Evaluate unique users, share of hours, demographic appeal between 2 titles. This dashboard enables nuanced analysis, helping you understand the performance and appeal of individual titles.

Comprehensive VOD Category Analysis

Gain insights into revenue, subscriptions, MAUs, ARPU, and household penetration in the VOD category. Track subscription growth and the share of direct versus partner subscriptions. This dashboard offers a thorough overview of VOD market dynamics.

Content Performance Breakdown

Examine the share of titles and hours by country of origin and platform. Assess engagement rates by country, platform, genre, and content type. This dashboard helps identify content trends and audience engagement patterns across regions and platforms.

Platform Performance Comparison

Compare specific platform brand against competitor. Analyze metrics like MAUs, engagement rates, subscribers, household penetration, share of hours, total hours, and demographic breakdowns. This dashboard provides a detailed look at platform performance and user demographics in the competitive context.

User Segmentation and Preferences

Understand the behavior of heavy, normal, and light users on a single platform. Analyze their share of genre, country of origin, content type, and specific titles. This dashboard helps in identifying key user segments and their content preferences.

Content Supply Analysis

“>Monitor the number of contents supplied by platform, country of origin, genre, and the share of originals versus licensed content. Assess supply exclusivity. This dashboard offers insights into content availability and distribution strategies across platforms.

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Our data is different

Vision2.0 captures real consumer behavior over 25,000 panelists

Our insights drive decisions

We track VOD usage, titles, time spent, genres, studios, and origins

Our Technology is proprietary

Combining the behavioral and panel’s demographic data, Vision2.0 provides unmatched, real-time insights.

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Our data is different

We track real passive behavior of what digital users actually do, not what they claim they do

Our insights drive decisions

We have deep industry expertise and have built products to answer you key business questions

Our Technology is proprietary

Not only can we track customer behavior, we go beyond the Walled Garden

Our approach is client focused

We have been in your shoes and are here to help you grow your business