Unparalleled Insights
Across the Digital Economy

Reliable, holistic, business-relevant and actionable competitive and customer insights across the total digital economy

What Makes


Our data is different

We track real passive behavior of what digital users actually do, not what they claim they do

Our insights drive decisions

We have deep industry expertise and have built products to answer you key business questions

Our Technology is proprietary

Not only can we track customer behavior, we go beyond the Walled Garden

Our approach is client focused

We have been in your shoes and are here to help you grow your business

We Offer


The go-to insights platform on the VOD industry to find out about the category, content and customer
You get the holistic view of the VOD category, providing you insights about how the category is evolving, what customers are watching, and how different customers engage with the category


Discover unparalleled understanding of who your customers are through real customer behaviour
Imagine combining your audience segmentation, consumer listening, and digital behaviour platforms into one to discover unique insights about your customers, all based on their actual consumption


A unique approach that allows researchers to combine customer behavioural with quantitive / qualitative insights to find out the real what and why of customers
ampd is one of the only companies that can combine unique passive behavioural insights and “recontact” panellists to get down to the why and how


The holistic view of advertising, from reach and frequency across all digital platforms to campaign impact on behaviour
We provide advertisers and ad platforms the holistic view of a campaign, from the highest level of details like impressions down to the actions that customers took


Understand the complete digital consumption of your user through the data traffic usage, both on mobile data and WiFi
The competitive intelligence platform for telcos to see how customers are using their mobile via diverse usage types: on the go (mobile data usage) or on WiFi. It provides a benchmark across all relevant competitors, segmented to your needs

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